About Us – AphidByte


AphidByte is an online marketplace and workspace platform for Creatives to upload and exchange files, sell products or services, and collaborate. Composers may be featured in various ways by our Media staff for promotional purposes.

Here at AphidByte we understand that people are our most valuable asset. Our focus is to provide our clients and customers with resources across the globe, to create opportunities in the realms of business, art, photography, technology, music, film, advertising, & more.

Search Matrix

Our search engine matrix is controlled by our Creators. The media these Creators upload is what appears in the portal results. Non Creators may search for Photographers, Ebooks, Music Artists, Art, Mobile Apps, and more. 


Directly message other Creators in the community after selecting the Collaborate button on their public profile channel. Utilizing the Messaging section of your account in the sidebar allows you to Compose, or Reply to other Creators.

History of The Aphid

AphidByte is derived from the insect the *Aphid, also known as plant lice and in Britain and the Commonwealth as greenflies, blackflies or whiteflies. The reproduction offspring of an Aphid correlates to our platforms’ ability to allow you to upload parent and child files. Meaning, if the file you are uploading is also on a different site we allow you to connect them via URL(s). These are called your child files.

Pro Members

Pro members have more uploading storage space Utilize Widgets such as developer add-ons, songwriting apps, film script and ebook writing, graphic designing tools and more.

Aphidbyte Core Team

  • Chris Carter
    Advisor, Atlantide Capital and Blockchain Ecosystems
    Chris is CEO of Atlantide Capital Partners and Managing Director of Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors. He resides in Atlanta, GA where he completed his degree in Architecture at Georgia Tech. He has 12+ yrs experience in project management and design.
  • Linda Goetze
    Advisor, President of The Blockchain Chamber of Commerce
    President of the Blockchain Chamber of Commerce and Secretary of the Blockchain Association, Linda has focused her six years of experience in Bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain Technology to facilitate mass adoption. Masters of Education from Piedmont College.
  • Michael Tidwell
    Infrastructure and Blockchain Advisor
    Michael Tidwell works as an infrastructure engineer at Tierion, which uses Bitcoins blockchain to timestamp data. He is the founder of the Atlanta Blockchain meetup group and cofounder and CKO of the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy.
  • Randall Pires
    Infrastructure and Blockchain Advisor
    Randall has extensive experience and knowledge with tech startups, including blockchain software and hardware sectors. He is also is the part of the non-profit Government Blockchain Association as Chairman of the Board of Advisors - Chapters, and the Lead for GBA - North America.
  • Sean Ross
    Chief Technology Officer
    Sean has experience in 8 different programming languages. He is an experienced programmer, writing both desktop and web applications full stack. Linux Pro Certified from TestOut.
  • Shri Ramani
    Chief Financial Officer
    Graduated from Michigan State University (MS'08, BA'06). Previously worked at a New York based sports analytics startup Krossover which was acquired.
  • Brandon Cooper
    Chief Executive Officer
    Brandon has over 15 years of experience in Information Technology, music production, and design. Background in Marketing and Merchandising Management at Michigan State University.
  • Terrie Wasik-Black
    Chief Human Resources Officer
    Experienced advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics, human resources, business management, and data entry industries.
  • Casey Culbreth
    VP of Strategic Accounts and Operations
    Casey has an extensive background in Professional Audio both as an Engineer / Producer as well as pioneering Digital Audio Recording technology. Casey transitioned from specializing primarily in audio technology to encompassing all Information Technology as a whole.
  • Wesley Williams
    Chief Information Officer
    Wesley holds a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology and a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems from Valdosta State University. He also holds a banking degree and a Wharton Leadership Certificate. He is from Atlanta Georgia and has over 9 years’ experience in Information Technology and Retail Banking.
  • Elise Blankenship
    Chief Operating Officer
    Elise has worked with multiple startups and global SMBs delivering bespoke end-to-end processes, infrastructure, and systems for companies across various industries, including blockchain startups. Her roles have included COO, Business Operations, and Strategy. Her education and background is in Business Administration and Finance. She is also an entrepreneur having started and grown multiple companies of her own.
  • Joshua Armah
    Sr. Data Engineer
    Joshua is a developer skilled at building robust systems, applications, and infrastructure. Since 2010, Joshua has been actively working in technology in the areas of AdTech, FinTech, HealthTech, and other major industries.
  • Ariana Cardenas
    Project Management Officer
    Ariana has a background in program development with an expertise in coordination. She is skilled in strategic planning and project management.
  • Jimmy Jiao
    Global Translation Partner, Founder of Translinked Translation Studio
    Jimmy, Based in Xi’an, China. Specialize in Technical Translation and Website Localization.
  • Marcus Banks
    Media Ambassador and Post Production Manager, Atlanta, GA
    Marcus has a master's in Creative Writing. With his background in communications, he is also really passionate about media and television.